A/B Test

The purpose of an A/B test is to measure the utility of two objects or combinations against each other. A/B tests are also used in product management to determine the best-performing alternative.  

AARRR Framework

What’s AARRR here? The AARRR system is an acronym for a series of five metrics for user activity that should be monitored by companies: Acquisition. (How do people discover our brand or business?) Activation. Activation (Are these individuals doing the acts that...

Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance Criteria in agile methodologies refer to a set of predefined conditions that must be met to mark the completion of a user tale. Criteria for approval are often referred to as the “definition of done.” Since they decide the scope and...

Acceptance Test

An acceptance test refers to the process of evaluating a new device, feature, or functionality against predefined acceptance criteria in software development. In other words, an acceptance test assesses whether the product has fulfilled predefined criteria or...

Action Priority Matrix

What Is an Action Priority Matrix? A priority action matrix is a diagram that helps individuals decide which tasks to concentrate on, and in which order.